I grew up in a household that loved the Vikings football.  I have fond memories of watching Sunday football with my Dad, listening to him hoot and holler about the mistakes they made.  So I do have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the game of football.  Heck, I even played tag football for 2 years in 7th and 8th grade where we went on to win the City Championship.  

With all of the SuperBowl LII excitement here in the Twin Cities, I have enjoyed the celebrity sightings popping up in my Facebook newsfeed.  And as you already know, Jimmy Fallon didn’t accept my gracious invitation to dinner.  His loss.

Most years, I have enjoyed watching the game, the halftime entertainment and many of the clever commercials.  At this point, just a few hours before the game, I am undecided if I want to watch.  Maybe some of my indecisiveness is because I am still sore that the Vikings aren’t playing in it.  The last time the Vikings played in the SuperBowl was 1977 and they didn’t win then.  Ah, such is the life of a Minnesota sportsfan. 

I have a gift for all of you who are going to watch the game.  I have the fabulous SuperBowl Bingo Game!   Just click on this link, Your SuperBowl Bingo Game, to download the Bingo Game. Forget the fact that your team isn’t in the USBank Stadium and focus on winning your own game of Bingo.  

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