Spring may still be the peak time of the year when you see the for sale signs in front yards popping up, yet there are many homes that sell in the winter months.  Should you put your home on the market in the winter?  Timing the listing of your home depends on supply and demand, and in the Twin Cities real estate market, demand from buyers is still extremely high.

  The Twin Cities real estate market shows a drop of 15.9% in December 2017 in the number of homes for sale compared to December 2016.  Even with the lack of inventory, there were virtually the same number of sales, with just a 1.7% decrease in the number of homes sold during December. 

3 good reasons to sell in the winter

  1. Serious & Motivated buyers – Buyers are still buying during the winter months.  The buyers that are out during the winter months are the really motivated buyers.  If they are going to trudge through the snow and cold in the winter, they are serious about finding a house.  This is also the time that many relocations are approved and those families that are moving to the area need to find a home quickly. 
  2. Landscaping lacks luster – The landscaping is covered in snow, so it is not as noticeable if you’re lacking in this area.  No weeding, no watering the lawn and you don’t have to worry about not having the best yard on the block.  If you do have a beautiful yard and landscaping, photos that you may have taken during the warm weather months can still be used in marketing.
  3. Less competition – the number of homes listed for sale in the Twin Cities in January 2017 was 9,330.  By June, that number was 13,457.  With fewer homes for buyers to view and choose from, yours has a higher probability of selling.

Preparing your house to sell in the winter

  Winter homebuyers will be more attentive to issues related to heating.  Get the furnace inspected and cleaned.  Weather strip the windows and doors.  Consider checking the insulation in the attic and having more insulation added if needed. 

Next Steps

  So you want to list your home for sale, and you fear you won’t be able to find the home that you want to purchase.  Our next article will address how we help our clients find their next home in this competitive market. If you would like a personalized home selling consultation, please give us a call at 651-259-4683 or email rochelle@rochelleallison.com.