If you are planning on putting your home on the market, it is never too early to start thinking about preparing it to sell! Whether your timeline to list is next year or next month, there are certain things you can do to present your home in the best possible light for potential buyers. Rochelle Allison & Team has some great recommendations for ways to improve the showing quality of your home to sell in less time and for more money.   

Thinking of making large-scale updates?
While there is a plethora of options for making major renovations to your home, these simpler suggestions will without a doubt bring your home into the present and attract future homeowners to their new abode.

The kitchen is often one of the first major parts of a home a prospective buyer will see as he or she explores the home. Thus, it will leave the strongest impression. In order to optimize your kitchen’s staying power, be sure everything is in order, both aesthetically and physically.

Although white appliances have recently reemerged in many of the upscale lines by GE, Electrolux, Frigidaire, and others, stainless steel is still very much the standard for the modern kitchen. While it’s not required all appliances be brand new, it is highly suggested they all match. If you have an older white dishwasher, but a stainless steel refrigerator fewer than five years old, now might be the time to make that relatively minor update.

Not many people like to walk into a kitchen and see oak cabinets in 2016. If your cabinets are a bit darker than current trends, opt for lighter or white cabinetry. This small update will make buyers feel more invited in a place that is a sign of the times, not by what was, but what will be; buyers seek a new life in a new home.

The Sink
If your sink is stained, smells bad, or is in general antiquation, now is the time to switch it out for a brand new one. With all the options available in sinks now, it’s possible to find one that fits the style of your kitchen in a more contemporary fashion.

Formica is not the end-all-be-all of kitchen countertops. If cleaned well and decorated nicely, it can come off as not the relic of the past that it is. Granite is still the go-to for adding an edge to your kitchen surfaces. That being said, quality is also an emerging trend. Consider implementing it if it’s in the budget. Your buyers will thank you.

Living Room
The living room is one of the more casual parts of the home in which many find solace as palace to relax. Common areas also bring people together, both those inside the home and those coming over for parties and movie nights. Modifying a few elements of the space will welcome buyers into the space, just as you have over the years.

How does your carpet look? What is its condition? If it shows signs of wear or dirtiness that can’t really be taken out, consider ripping it out (doing it yourself saves a lot of money) and getting an updated style as a replacement. Although many have personal preferences for carpet designs, the mere presence of new carpeting will turn buyers on to the idea of your home, especially it it’s in a more neutral color.

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most influential space in the home for prospective buyers. If they’re not in top shape, your home may not sell as easily as it should. A few rather unobtrusive updates should do the trick for taking your bathroom from good to great.

Stained, soap-scummy, tarnished bathroom faucets are your worst nightmare as a seller. If faced with this malaise, the first thing to do is replace them. Although chrome gets soiled easier, it’s still a standard, and brushed metal is just as versatile. Either or, this simple update to your sink or shower provides a sense of cleanliness to your bathroom that should not be overlooked.

Carpet in a bathroom is still a thing of the past, but surprisingly, still exists. If you are one of the unlucky few with this relic in the bathroom, get rid of it immediately and replace with something else, preferably tile. It’s easy to clean and performs well when wet.

 Lighting Fixtures
A simple change-out is all you need to spruce up the bathroom. This is also your chance to reduce energy consumption by opting for lower energy lightbulbs. Coupled with a stylish new fixture, this is a win-win.

General Updates

Color is a highly personal concept. To best present your walls to new buyers, ensure your walls are as appealing to as many people as possible. Shades of light gray are the trend for wall colors. If you already have this color on the walls, but it could be fresher, get to it!

Lawn and Garden
No one will make friends with that old juniper bush in your front yard. Now would be the time to get it removed and replace it with something more alive. When making replacements, plant something local to the area that future owners will be proud to showcase on property.

 Sweating  the small stuff: Surefire DIY updates to increase home value
With spring comes the promise of more activity outside the home, and as the seller continues to dominate the housing market, now is the time to get that activity inside your home as potential buyers come one and all. Here are some solid, simple ways to revitalize your home, and in turn, increase the value.

Personalized Items
Take out all photos or items that tailor the home to the family currently in it. Many homes are more than a hundred years old; chances are there probably wasn’t one family occupying the house for that duration. Make the house appear open to anyone and everyone who finds the home striking.

Present your home in a way that flows well, but also makes sense to the buyer. Rochelle Allison & Team provides a free staging consultation as a part of our client services. Strategically organizing furniture and the current contents of the home in the most salable fashion is the best way to leave a lasting impression on the buyers of the potential of the living space. However, simple things like putting toilet seats down, opening blinds, decluttering living space, and putting knick-knacks away is just as important.

A clean, tidy house is key. Just as you wouldn’t want to enter a dirty house for a dinner party or holiday celebration, you wouldn’t want your buyers to see a messy house. Although most houses will never be as clean as they are when they’re on the market, the fact that they can, in fact, be that clean speaks for itself.

Rochelle  Allison & Team have over 10 years experience helping clients sell their  homes faster and for more money. We work hard for our clients by providing them  with 5 star service others have come to expect from our team. If you are  looking to buy or sell, give us a call. We help home buyers and seller’s all  over the Twin Cities area. We would be honored to be a part of making your home  buying and selling dreams come true."